How to See the Serengeti and Live the Dream

Let’s face it, almost everyone who has ever lived and heard of Africa, has also heard of the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. This is one of those iconic locations that you know is the stuff of fables – from that remote and ancient shared human consciousness and pre-history that goes back before the dawn of the first humans. The Serengeti is truly one of the beating hearts of the earth and is one of the most important ecosystems to have come into existence. The Serengeti is home to millions of animals which are intricately connected in a chain of organisation that spans the entire continent of Africa, even into the Sahara and beyond.

Sighting the Big 5

The Serengeti Safari is one of the most famous places to get sightings of what tourists and park rangers call the “Big 5”. The buffalo, the African elephant, the leopard, the lion and two types of rhinoceros (black and white) are the main five rare and endangered animals which are protected in the national park and in many other parts of Africa. These animals are on the brink of extinction. Of the five animals listed above, you will probably not be able to see a white rhino in the Serengeti as they are native to the more southern parts of Africa, especially in the Swaziland. But the Serengeti is one of the perfect places to see the rarer black rhino.

Tips & Tricks for Getting Great Shots

If you are taking photos of the magnificent African wildlife, it can be very time consuming to get just the right photo. In fact, many photographers do not realise that the biggest trait they need to cultivate is patience! Often people just drive by too fast and do not take the time to observe other animals, therefore they miss the Big 5. If you want to take pictures of the biggest African animals, especially the predators such as lions, cheetahs and leopards, then you will definitely need to study the animals’ behaviour and predict and plan your routes accordingly so you have plenty of opportunities to come across a specimen that you can take a picture of.

Working With Professionals

One of the most important things whenever you are going on an African safari, especially in the Serengeti National Park, is to make sure you are working with professional guides, rangers and photographers. By cooperating with or hiring the services of such professionals, you have a far better chance of seeing the wildlife you were hoping to see.

The Serengeti provides plenty of ideal locations to find many African animals in their natural habitats. You will also have the benefit of being able to take beautiful photographs in the natural wilderness of Africa so that you can truly appreciate this remarkable corner of the world that so many people are dreaming about visiting.

If you have never been to Africa, then perhaps now is the time to begin planning and saving for your first trip!

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Avail Cheap International Courier Services

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Tips For Overseas Holiday In Queensland, Australia

Australia is completely filled with wonderful shorelines, yet we continue listening to consistently that each spot is heaven! Well one of the genuine wonders of Australia is its shorelines. Being an Island obviously there are numerous astonishing shorelines to provide food for all needs and yearnings. I want to have the capacity to point you toward the absolute most awesome areas, however please recollect, this subject is extremely subjective and nobody will ever concur. So kindly, don’t think for a moment that your perspective is the one and only, there are actually a large number of delightful shorelines all around Australia, not just in Queensland. Be that as it may let talk about the Sunshine State.

Signs in the rainforest, image credit

The shore of this resort town is maybe the middle of all the fun and fervour. There are heaps of recreational exercises to attempt and sights to investigate. There is additionally an extensive variety of decisions for Port Douglas extravagance convenience that is accessible. There are 5-star inns and resorts found right on the shoreline. The immaculate shoreline of the town is an extraordinary spot to unwind and loosen up while appreciating the extravagant enhancements of your settlement. 11 Beachfront Mirage sits in the gated and elite Beachfront Mirage Estate. It has entry to the shoreline and the parkland. It has four huge and rich rooms, lakes, a swimming pool, footpaths and hanging arrangements. 57 Murphy Street is an alternate of the biggest homes on that road. It has four levels, four vast rooms and is outfitted with oriental obsolescent.

Competitive And Comfortable Accommodation

In the event that you are searching for a moderate spot to stay for your get-away, then Port Douglas occasion homes are an incredible alternative. These homes have a place with the locals and are leased to vacationers. These occasion homes offer all the solaces of home, for example, extensive rooms, a kitchen, lounge area and front room. It is suitable for huge gatherings of companions or families. The Heritage Views is a two-level occasion home with three rooms and two bathrooms. It is five minutes far from the heart of Port Douglas. The Garrick House is close to the shoreline and neighbourhood attractions and night life objectives.

Fraser Island is an Australian area, showing genuine common excellence. It is secured by rich rainforests laced by free streaming springs, circumscribed by miles of white stained shorelines and remarkably brilliant sand bluffs, enclosed by cool sea waters, and for the most part covered in a euphorically quiet climate. The assorted qualities of local greenery is surprising, and it might be all investigated in the quantity of ensured National Parks. No spot is all the more appealing, than the tremendous common surroundings show on the profoundly acclaimed Fraser Island.

Getting to Fraser Island is simple, Island visitors have the choice of light flying machine, travellerand vehicle ships, visit gatherings and private pontoons. All vehicles being transported over to Fraser Island do require a license however.

Clearly a large portion of you would anticipate that me will say the most delightful shorelines in Australia are in the Far North of Queensland (as that is the place I invest the greater part of my time); spots like Palm Cove, Cow Bay, Mission Beach and Palm Cove to name yet a couple. All things considered, they are positively breath-taking, don’t get me wrong, and obviously my old most loved Port Douglass’ four mile shoreline is up there with a standout amongst the most stylishly satisfying! The long sandy shoreline, perfectly lined by Palm trees, thus well done that you can’t even see a man-made structure looking the length of the Beach. Anyway let’s be realistic, I’m somewhat inclined. Palm Cove shoreline is just as tremendous, yet significantly more business in appearance, the same applies to Mission Beach.

To visit Queensland you need to go online and fill the application forms available to get a valid Australian visas.

Tips for finding great accommodation in Big White

Big White is a well-known and reputable ski resort located in Kootenay Boundary, British Columbia, Canada. Big White caters for a large variety of people, including families and couples, with an array of activities such as ice-skating, themed events, dog sleds and snowshoeing. Due to the popularity of skiing at Big White, it is important to have the upper hand by knowing these tips on how to locate great accommodation.

Set a Budget

In order to find great accommodation, you need to determine what your specific needs are and how this will fit into your budget. A budget is the best guideline when researching and locating where to stay. Big White offers different accommodation options for any family, couple or traveller. These vary in prices and include hotels, condominiums, townhouses, hostels, vacation homes and luxury cabins. Thus, set a budget so you can find the perfect accommodation for you.

SnowSkool Big White – Hot tubs included!, image by SnowSkool

Know Your Needs

After you set your budget, outlining your own needs and discussing them with Big White will lead you to finding amazing accommodation and having a stress-free holiday. As discussed, Big White caters to a large range of people and it even provides pet friendly accommodation.

Book Early

As a well-known resort, it is important you plan your trip as soon as you can and commit to booking early so you do not miss out on great accommodation. Often, accommodation will book out very fast and you may be left having to pay for accommodation options that are over your budget or fail to cater to your specific needs. For example, the two-bedroom options may sell out and you may be forced to pay for an extra and unused room.

Book Online

The main benefit of finding your accommodation online is the simplicity it offers. You can compare your options with great ease, fastening the process of locating great accommodation. In addition, Big White offers a 5% discount on accommodation that is booked online through their online booking services.

Consider Packages

Consider the array of packages offered by Big White and you can minimize the number of tasks you have on top of finding accommodation. You can experience great cost savings if you choose to purchase accommodation with your equipment and tickets.

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The historical landmarks in a diverse country

Well, it can be said that India is a diverse country and different religions, empires and rulers have been the melting pot of India long time back. People from different parts of the world have always appreciated the historical landmarks in India and there have been some of the captivating and stunning historical attractions. The popular historical places in India are definitely a joy to experience and some of them which signify the cultural importance are as mentioned:

The renowned tomb, the Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is considered as one of the Seven Wonders of the World and one of the most captivating historical attractions in India. People are always anxious to have a view of this great landmark. This historical monument was built in the year 1630 AD by the great Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. The tomb is completely made of marble and it is said that with the changing light of the day the tomb’s color also gradually alters. This World Heritage site is located near to the banks of Yamuna River in Agra.

historical places in India1

The ancient place, now a laid back village

Hampi, the ancient place

In India’s history Hampi is considered as one of the greatest Hindu empires with some of the captivating ruins. The historical landmark consists more than 500 monuments with some of the large boulders all over the landscape. The place covers a range of nearly 25 kilometers and when visitors travel here they can feel an incredible energy in the place. Today the place is a laid back village and one of the most popular sightseeing views in India. The place Hampi is located in Karnataka and every year thousands of tourists visit this awesome place.

The temples devoted to Sexuality and Sex

The Khajuraho Temples

Definitely, one of the places to see in India is the Khajuraho temple and it is the place where the Kama Sutra originated. There are a total of 20 temples and the temple symbolizes the following things:

  • The celebration of life and love
  • The celebration of worship and the true view of sexuality

These temples are known for the meticulously detailed carvings and these unique temples used to provide:

  • Some of the Tantric practices
  • The ancient Hindu faith

One of the oldest caves

The Ajanta and Ellora Caves

Built way back in the 6th and 11th centuries AD, there are a total of 34 caves and 29 caves at Ellora and Ajanta respectively and these caves are extremely rich in sculpture and paintings. People visit this place for the extraordinary architecture and the travelers are amazed to see the marvelous craftsmanship of these hillside rocks. These caves are renowned worldwide and people from the western countries are impressed with the stunning view of the caves.

The capital of the Mughal empire

The Fatehpur Sikri

historical places in India

Fatehpur Sikri is known for the regal palaces and courtyards and was once the proud capital of the Mughal Empire. One of the few historical places in India, which is a treat to watch and people are extremely pleased to visit this place.

Find the best chartrights – Calgary air charter services online

How to search for the right company

When you are looking for chartrights – Calgary air charter services or any other similar services it is important that you should consider some important points related with such companies which will not only save a lot of your time but will also allow you to find the right type of company suitable for you. Having a lot of companies that are working in the field of private jet services does not mean that you can select any company among them and hire them for their services and you have to consider some important aspects related to them as well.

Calgary charter helicopter

Which is the perfect air charter company for you?

The first thing you should consider while searching for chartrights – Calgary air charter services is the location of the company. It is important that you should consider the location of the company such that you only look for that company near to your area. This will allow the company to provide you the required services within no time. Along with this having company in your location means that people in your area would have hired that company and if that is the case you can ask different people about the quality of the services that the company is offering. This will allow you to select the right type of company which is required by you. Along with the location make sure that you check what kinds of services are offered by the company. Many companies that are working in the field of private jet are offering limited services therefore air charter company like chartrights – Calgary air charter which is able to provide with the services which the person is looking for.

Calgary charter helicopter1

Important considerations related to air charter

Along with the type of services it is also important that you should select the right type of air charter in case the company is offering air charter services in more than one field. Different kinds of private jets have different uses and if you do not know about the usage of different jets you can search on the internet and find which type of private jets would be suitable for a specific kind of trip. When you look for chartrights – Calgary air charter it is important that you also consider the factor of price. Different companies that are working in the field of air charter services have different methods of charging. While you are considering hiring any specific company it is preferred that you also consider its method of charging and make sure that you are able to afford that specific company. While looking for the right company it is always preferred that you consider more than one company and select the right among them.

A Tourist’s Guide To Bike Tours In Ladakh

If you are planning a bike tour in Ladakh, we are sure that you will have many questions about the region, its history, where you should stay and (most importantly) where you should eat. We have compiled this brief tourist guide to give you a basic understanding of all these aspects and more. Hopefully, this will fully prepare you for your upcoming tour – don’t be afraid to ask your guide or operator if you have any other questions!




Also known as the Land of High Passes, Ladakh is a beautiful region that is located in the state of Jammu and Kashmir in northern India. It shares its eastern border with Tibet, Lahaul and Spiti lie to the south, the Valley of Kashmir can be found to the west. The city has actually been strategically placed on an ancient trade route (between the Kunlun Mountains in the north and the Himalayas in the south) so many people need to stop there.


The region’s main inhabitants are of Indo-Aryan and Tibetan descent. Most of the people practice as Tibetan Buddhists, whilst the rest are Shia Muslims. Tourism is the main source of livelihood for families in Ladakh – the city has become a favourite with trekking and mountaineering enthusiasts. Its remote location and high altitude have ensured that bike tours are not for those looking for a short or relaxing holiday – it is definitely for the adrenalin junkies.


In 842 AD, Nyima-Gon founded a dynasty all of his own in the region, which lead to the second spreading of Buddhism. Then, in the 13th century, Ladakh faced an Islamic invasion – the city was subjected to raids and conquests from neighbouring Muslim kingdoms for close to two centuries. In 1984, the region become known as the highest battleground in the world thanks to regular stand offs between India and Pakistan.


Dance is actually a major part of the city’s culture and features high on the list of must-see attractions for those on bike tours in Ladakh. Losar (or the New Year) sees the Jabro dance being performed. Drugpa-Rches is performed by the settlers of Dras, the yak dance sees men dress up as yaks and woman dress up as milkmaids who try to tame them, and the dance of Dosmoche is performed in the Leh palace courtyard by dancers wearing black hats.


The good news is that there is are endless choices of where to stay in Ladakh, from family run establishments and guesthouses to budget hotels and rooms in monasteries. Camps and hikers huts also become quite popular in the summer months; these are located in the nearby areas of Nubra, Changthang and Drok-pa. Tourist camps are also known to appear every season in Korzok village – your options really are endless!





There is also plenty of choice when it comes to dining during your tour, from street side stalls and restaurants to cafes and garden restaurants. There is also a wide variety of cuisine available, including: Tibetan, Korean, Chinese, Indian and Continental. Your tour would not be complete if you haven’t sampled some of the local specialties, such as Momos and Marchwangan Korma. You should also give the local tea a try – it’s made from yak butter!


The best time to embark on a bike tour in Ladakh is between June and October; this is the time when most of the trekking and road routes are open, ensuring that you have maximum access to the region. Between July and August is when the peak season occurs, so if you are looking for a quieter time to travel you should definitely avoid these months. Don’t forget to purchase some local souvenirs during your tour, from Buddhist artifacts to shawls.


Quick and easy guide to Turkey to enhance your vacation

There aren’t numerous places that might keep you disconnected from all the ordinary stresses and captivate them with their characteristic magnificence, in the meantime being so shoddy. In Hisaronu things might be much the same as that: astounding, beguiling, exciting and certainly reasonable.

About Hisaronu
The visitor occasion resort Hisaronu is on the western side of Turkey, on the Mediterranean shore. It is by other known resorts, Olu Deniz (Oludeniz) and Fethiye.

Quite recently, it used to be just a town on the shore. Presently, it is a decently organized resort and one of the most attractive ones in Turkey. It has a bit of everything – even an energizing nightlife, yet without being packed, in the same way as other of the top resorts in the nation.

Getting a charge out of Natural Beauty
The dazzling magnificence of the area will take you to your dream world. The beautiful magnificence presents you the opportunity to revel in the amazing perspectives of green mountains that meet the ocean, under blue quiet skies. Waterfalls and numerous pontoons all around spotting the ocean essentially upgrade the excellence of this Turkey occasion destination.byzas Tours is an Istanbul-based tour driver offering private Turkey tours and custom get-away with an assortment of excursions including social, verifiable, religious, shore, sentimental or family travels and other unique investment tours for prevalent ends including Istanbul, Ephesus, Cappadocia, Bodrum and Gallipoli.

Begin your outing any date to investigate the best of Turkey in solace with tailor-made excursion bundles, social private tours and a decision of jazzy boutique or extravagance inns. Tour the charms of Istanbul, the pearls of the Aegean or experience conventional life in Anatolia. A vibrant Turkish society with solid customs and rich cooking anticipates your disclosure.

Vacationers regularly participate in outside exercises and go past the standard water sports. Horseback riding is one regular diversion for guests that you can without a doubt attempt.

Excursion plans
For get-away thoughts and example schedules, examine some of our most famous Turkey bundles including highlights of Turkey, gulet sanctions, Cappadocia tours, Gallipoli tours, Bosporus tours, Istanbul bundles, extravagance travels and wedding trips in Turkey, which visit some of Turkey’s most renowned destinations, stunning blue coastlines and dazzling view.

You may take a vessel to cruise the oceans and achieve the Lagoon of Olu Deniz. Alternately, you may go to the highest point of the Babadag Mountain and paraglide from that point, arriving right on the sunny shore. Given the more level temperatures, you won’t feel tired so effectively and can support more movement.

Additionally, it comes effortlessly to join with the locals. They may be ready to guide you to the best food experience or to a restoring Turkish rub. They might likewise indicate you one of the business sectors in the region, which you completely must experience. These business sectors are the perfect spots to purchase keepsakes for everybody.

Turkish visa
The accompanying is required; a substantial international ID with no less than 6 months legitimacy staying, 1 visa provision structure, finished and marked, One requisition structure completely finished and marked, One late identification sort picture, A duplicate of the Resident outsider card or a legitimate visa once more to your nation and an Onward/return ticket or affirmed schedule for Turkish visa to enjoy your trip.

Are you ready for the New Porsche Cayman 2014?

It is arguable that the best luxury cars come from Europe, Germany to be specific. Form the Mercedes Benz to the BMW the Germans have been known to deliver comfort in their automotive exports. The Porsche is no exception.

The Porsche Cayman is a second generation Cayman and a very appealing sports car that goes for just $75, 000.
Build technology

- Like its predecessors the Boxster and the earlier Caymans this two-seater with a mid-engine location make guarantees performance to the sports car fanatics. The mid-engine technology makes the Cayman an efficient sports car.

- There’s instant throttle response, it likes to rev and it doesn’t sound half bad at wide-open-throttle at all.

- The Cayman has a 275 horsepower from a six cylinder engine, it also has 213 lb-ft of torque. Unlike its predecessors, the Cayman S has a greater engine capacity at 3.4 liters while still maintaining the 6 speed transmission with the option of a dual clutch automatic. The increased engine capacity increases its horsepower to 325 and torque to 273 lb-ft.

- The wheels at 235/40-19 for the front and 265/40-19 for the rear wheels are however larger.

- The electromechanical steering wheel on the Cayman 2014 is very responsive. It is an electric assisted unit and is a shift from the traditional hydraulic system that was often used. The extra weight on the wheel makes it stable to steer and accurate


- The interior has been improved as compared to other models. The seats and dash board areas are leather and the seats are comfortable and supportive.

- Included is a Burmester audio system that delivers a good sound quality and comes fitted from the factory.

- Also included is an inbuilt micro – computer and a Bluetooth system. It has a navigation screen and GPS guidance.

- The automotive is a two-seater, there is also a seat heating unit and a climate control mechanism.

- However, the doors are quite small and would require the user to contort himself further to enter.

The automotive is easy to maneuver due to its improved suspension and the car dynamics. The braking system is well balanced and has been increased in weight. It includes the option of ceramic braking.
cayman 1

- With its limited size, it is not as huge and hefty as other sports cars, it still assures the driver of safety on the road. Porsche safety enhancements purpose to protect the occupants in the event of a car crash. Its chassis (outer body) is made of a steel and aluminum, this makes the cars structure compact and can withstand impact. To keep the occupants safe the automobile is stable and has knee airbags.


Audi TT RS – has a good finish but cannot be compared to the Cayman, this compatriot has a more approachable and upgrades that heighten its performance.

Chevrolet Corvette – this American make is quite hefty as compared to the Cayman. While it is underway for upgrades it could become a worthy match for upgrades make it a worthy match for the littlest Porsche.

Due to its enhanced engine specifications and safety improvements the Porsche Cayman would be a good car to drive even under a provisional driving licence without fear of injury in case of an accident as it is safe.


.traveloka, a notable online travel agent based in Indonesia with its remarkable services in online air flight ticket booking fields has been in news recently for taking quality decision of joining hospitality sectors as well. To be straight forward I am glad that will provide hotel booking services in 2014, so consumers have more alternatives to compare and get the cheapest deals. It is relaxing to know that like cheap air flight tickets the deals on hotel rooms will also be very soothing to our pockets. It is very welcoming news to all its consumers and is getting spread like fire everywhere. This decision by the authorities of has been appreciated by everyone and people are looking forward eagerly to some tempting deals on hotel reservation that Traveloka has been serving in the fields of Aviation. Traveloka is well known in Indonesia for providing valuable services to its clients in terms of cheap flight tickets. Under hospitality sectors it is expected to provide cheapest deals on various hotel rooms and other services.

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Ever since its launch in 2012, the portal has been helping, travelers discover the cheapest flight deals and to date has turned into the numero uno booking and flight search service in Indonesia. Until now, it has helped in over 400,000 searches for different flights from 200+ cities across Indonesia. Now, their foray into hotel reservation scenario is news of much jubilation for its users, because now they can take the pain away from this part of the travel too in the coming times. Besides the fantastic hotel deals, the site is also thinking of extending its operations to include packages in its bid to become an exclusive travel and tourism site for Indonesian travelers.

This number one travel search engine in Indonesia wants to take away the hassles from frequent travelling and as such want to offer comprehensive solutions to its users. Those who want to book hotels can go for electronic money transfer from this portal to ensure complete peace of mind much before actually reaching their destination. Business travellers need ease of hotel bookings because they have to travel frequently. General online travel agencies, are not much responsive and even when options are available with them, they are quite limited.

With so much on offer, Traveloka has become a trust worthy name with the local customers of the Indonesia who are involved in undertaking flight journeys and know how much it has saved them from wasting funds that they used to do before without comparing all the prices side by side offered by multiple airlines. It has secured an important place in the hearts of its customers by way of developing trust over time through their constant efforts and devotion. That is the reason being people are so excited about their stepping into the hotel reservation fields as well. Best of luck to them!