Are you ready for the New Porsche Cayman 2014?

It is arguable that the best luxury cars come from Europe, Germany to be specific. Form the Mercedes Benz to the BMW the Germans have been known to deliver comfort in their automotive exports. The Porsche is no exception.

The Porsche Cayman is a second generation Cayman and a very appealing sports car that goes for just $75, 000.
Build technology

- Like its predecessors the Boxster and the earlier Caymans this two-seater with a mid-engine location make guarantees performance to the sports car fanatics. The mid-engine technology makes the Cayman an efficient sports car.

- There’s instant throttle response, it likes to rev and it doesn’t sound half bad at wide-open-throttle at all.

- The Cayman has a 275 horsepower from a six cylinder engine, it also has 213 lb-ft of torque. Unlike its predecessors, the Cayman S has a greater engine capacity at 3.4 liters while still maintaining the 6 speed transmission with the option of a dual clutch automatic. The increased engine capacity increases its horsepower to 325 and torque to 273 lb-ft.

- The wheels at 235/40-19 for the front and 265/40-19 for the rear wheels are however larger.

- The electromechanical steering wheel on the Cayman 2014 is very responsive. It is an electric assisted unit and is a shift from the traditional hydraulic system that was often used. The extra weight on the wheel makes it stable to steer and accurate


- The interior has been improved as compared to other models. The seats and dash board areas are leather and the seats are comfortable and supportive.

- Included is a Burmester audio system that delivers a good sound quality and comes fitted from the factory.

- Also included is an inbuilt micro – computer and a Bluetooth system. It has a navigation screen and GPS guidance.

- The automotive is a two-seater, there is also a seat heating unit and a climate control mechanism.

- However, the doors are quite small and would require the user to contort himself further to enter.

The automotive is easy to maneuver due to its improved suspension and the car dynamics. The braking system is well balanced and has been increased in weight. It includes the option of ceramic braking.
cayman 1

- With its limited size, it is not as huge and hefty as other sports cars, it still assures the driver of safety on the road. Porsche safety enhancements purpose to protect the occupants in the event of a car crash. Its chassis (outer body) is made of a steel and aluminum, this makes the cars structure compact and can withstand impact. To keep the occupants safe the automobile is stable and has knee airbags.


Audi TT RS – has a good finish but cannot be compared to the Cayman, this compatriot has a more approachable and upgrades that heighten its performance.

Chevrolet Corvette – this American make is quite hefty as compared to the Cayman. While it is underway for upgrades it could become a worthy match for upgrades make it a worthy match for the littlest Porsche.

Due to its enhanced engine specifications and safety improvements the Porsche Cayman would be a good car to drive even under a provisional driving licence without fear of injury in case of an accident as it is safe.


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Enjoy Your Working Holiday In USA

Enjoy Your Working Holiday In USA

Family holidays to the San Francisco and greater Bay Area are fun and affordable for all ages with plenty to see and do for the kids. Family-friendly and priced just right, affordable all inclusive San Francisco holidays offer world class dining, shopping and special surprises for the youngest visitors.

1. Wet and Wild Water Parks
Kids love a good splash, and the Bay Area has two major water parks to beat the heat. Water World is located in nearby Concord and has thrill rides to include the Tornado, a 75 foot drop on a four person river raft. Kiddie and family rides abound in a serene Hawaiian style tropical paradise to please the most discriminating water park enthusiast. Raging Waters in San Jose is another excellent choice with dozens of family-friendly attractions and all day fun.

2. Roaring Camp Railroads
Take a journey with a blast to the past on vintage trains through the scenic Redwood Forest on a 14 passenger steam engine beauty. The train ride travels to the summit of Bear Mountain complete with a tour guide and lecture of the region’s rich history. The Santa Cruz Beach Train is one of the oldest lines in California, running to Redwood’s State Park and ending at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk at the sand.

3. Aquarium at the Bay
Stroke the stingrays, visit exotic sea life and challenge your skills at the Exploratorium for a full day excursion at one of the finest marine centres in the States. Education and appreciation for these fascinating sea creatures is top priority at the Aquarium at the Bay.

4. San Francisco Zoo
More than just a zoo, this San Francisco facility is jammed packed with interactive events and work shops to include child-friendly zip lines, the “living classroom” and a host of all your favourite critters to meet up-close and personal.

5. Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum
3D attractions, video clips, mirror mazes and live shows make Ripley’s the weird and wacky way to celebrate what’s different and learn something you didn’t know before.

6. Bay Area Discovery Museum
The touch and feel hands-on exhibits opens a new level of understanding to young minds in the fields of science and discovery suitable for kids of all ages. Lookout Cove is a two and half acre outdoor playground recreating some of the most famous sites of San Francisco and younger ones will enjoy the Tot Spot geared for toddlers and younger.

7. Chabot Space and Science Centre
Situated on prime property overlooking the San Francisco Bay, Chabot Space and Science Centre provides a rich educational and interactive workshop to learn about the life of astronauts at Beyond Blastoff, the cosmos and planetarium at the Mayan Skies exhibit, A Moon Odyssey to explore, you guessed it, the moon, and Destination Universe to unlock the mysteries of black holes, distant galaxies, and how they all came to be.

8. Cartoon Art Museum
Visitors of all ages will appreciate this state-of-the-art museum dedicated to the concept and construction of cartoons, video games, comic strips and more. Join the fun with Storybook Fun Day to meet with professional cartoonist and create your own unique story that comes to life before your eyes.

9. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Located in nearby Vallejo, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is action packed adventure with rides for all ages, animal attractions and all day fun in the sun.

10. Children’s Fairyland
Bring your inquisitive little ones into a place where literary characters and classic fairy tales come to life with live shows, petting zoos, puppet shows and family-friendly rides for all ages. Bedtime stories will never be the same when your child has met and explored his or her favorite story time classic tales in this one of kind San Francisco attraction.

before you depart for your working holiday, apply for us visa. This is a document that will give you the legal right to visit foreign state.

Travelling In Train: What You Need To Carry

Whether you are going for business or joy, there are sure essentials you ought to pack for the outing. You would prefer not to be found daydreaming leaving something vital at home where you have no right to gain entrance to it.

The point when going with youngsters, folks requirement to pack for themselves and their minimal ones. In spite of the fact that it is enticing to pack all things that could diffuse any conceivable inconvenience or issue circumstance, there are four essentials to pack when going with youngsters on an overnight trek. All else may consume up profitable room unnecessarily.
Travelling In Train

Pack the same number of outfits for the kids as they would typically wear in one day with few exercises, in addition to one additional. With more youthful kids who will be riding for long times of time in a plane, auto or train, bring an additional change of garments for every day used in moving vehicles. In the event that the excursion will keep going more than one week, arrangement to do a heap of clothing throughout that time. Call the 1-800 inn numbers where the gathering is staying to see whether that specific area has a clothing administration or if there is one close-by. Check the climate conjecture for the goal area and arrange ahead for climate for any stopover urban communities. For uncommon occasions, make sure to pack the fitting necessities, for example, wedding garments or games regalia and supplies. Bear in mind the shoes. In the event that the youngsters are mature enough to swim and have had swimming lessons, pack a swimsuit, to be safe.

Toys and Games 

Bring a couple of transportable diversions, for example, hand-held machine amusement gadgets and films. This is useful for keeping children kept tabs on something while folks are unwinding from a lengthy drive or unpacking bags. Have a go at something novel, in the same way as a deck of cards, a riddle they can take a shot at over a couple of days, or a tabletop game that could be set up on a lodging room floor.
Travelling In Train1

Make sure to pack an emergency treatment unit and all professionally prescribed prescription the youngsters are taking. Record the pediatrician’s contact data, and additionally the name and measurements of the solution and store it in a handbag or distinctive pack. Bring along some fundamental torment reliever for cerebral pains. Think about movement disorder precautions for occasional explorers, and well as first-time flyers and boaters. When leaving home, make certain the protection card is in an adult’s wallet and there is an ID wrist trinket or tag on the kid’s individual in the event that they get divided from the assembly.

Comforts of Home 

While staying in a lodging is an escapade for children, they may feel a bit uneasy now and again in a the earth. A most loved cover and soft toy can go far to smooth their nerves. Keeping a routine is likewise useful. Bring an additional sack or cooler loaded with their most loved snacks and beverages. Will this decrease liabilities, and stops, as well as it will add a taste of commonality to the outing.

These essentials will ensure that you enjoy your journey on the train. Since you will not be on the train all through, you need a practical driving test booking before travelling so that you can remind yourself some traffic rules and regulations.

Theft of Tablets on Trains has risen by 10%


The thefts of Tablets devices on Britain’s railways has increased by 10% whilst there has been a decrease in the number of Laptops and computers stolen.

Of the reported 949 tablets that were stolen only 2% of these were recovered.

on the up hand 22% fewer laptops and computers were stolen compared to last year.

Michael Levi, Professor of Criminology at Cardiff University, said: “People steal what they can steal easily and can easily resell for a price that makes the risk worthwhile.

“Laptops and computers often require more effort to gain access to, and their resale has a much narrower market since tablets and Kindles emerged – their legitimate sales are also falling.

“Password protection and other features are ok for reducing the scale of damage, but the potential offender does not know this at the time of theft and so it is not a deterrent until people stop buying stolen ones.

“With the rise of cloud services, less valuable irreplaceable data is actually held on the machine itself.”

Professor Levi also talked about why so few have their devices reclaimed:

“People who are insured usually lose interest and have no legal claim once they are paid out.

“The insurers may need to do more in this regard but they often just write the loss off.”

National Rail Fail to Meet Punctuality Targets


Rail regulator figures have revealed that Network Rail failed to meet it’s punctuality targets in England and Wales last year.

Around 361,000 trains in London and the South East along with 70,500 national journeys were late or cancelled.

Virgin trains have said that they will be taking action against the Network Rail after claiming that there was a breach of their contract concerning punctuality.

The QRR said: ”To put this in context, this means 361,000 London and South East train services were either cancelled or more than five minutes late over the year.”

However National Rail had some success during the Olympics having met all their targets in that period which was very important as so many people were using public transport.

Virgin Trains said it was “preparing enforcement action to bring punctuality improvements, following sustained poor performance by Network Rail, which we believe is a breach of contract and has deterred some customers from travelling and damaged our business”.

Almost third of trains run late in Britain

New figures show that 7 in ten trains do run late on Britain’s rail network, this is the first time we have seen figures from these and the figure is based on the 59 seconds of the train coming early or late.

The rail operators that have given these details showed that 69.8% of trains ran on time in 2011 and 2012. To be honest we will never get the train perfect unless there is a Robert taking over the network, its part of our human action to try our best but it’s a hard job to run a train.

Transport Minister Norman Baker said: “I want passengers to be given obvious and simple information on the punctuality of their train services.

‘The coalition Government wants rail travel to be more clear and that’s why we have worked closely together with the rail industry to ensure these statistics will be published.’

Trains disrupted between Clapham Junction and Weybridge

Train journeys will be disrupted later this week due to major engineering work between Clapham Junction and Weybridge.
All routes to and from London Waterloo will be affected, with changes to train timetables from April 6 to 9.
A replacement bus service will run between Clapham Junction and Chessington South, to replace the train service running from Waterloo.
Journeys between Waterloo and Basingstoke will also be diverted through Clapham Junction, with a reduced service running between London Waterloo and Twickenham to accommodate trains.

What are TPO trains

These are trains that were used to send letters up and down England but since then we have found new ways to transport our letters but these trains are apart of our history so we must never forget them.